Bill Barcus Photography

As a self-taught photographer, beginning his career in 1984, Bill began 'shooting by the seat of his pants' after the college photo-instructor failed to show for the classes.

Bill then purchased a Minolta auto-winder 35mm Kit at a local drug store for a few-hundred bucks, studied all of John Shaw's photography books, and hit the forests of Arizona.

During the winter/spring of 1985/1986 Bill became the first photographer to ever photo-document a pair of nesting Arizona Bald Eagles at a remote nesting site in the Sierra Ancha Mountains. At that time only 12 known pairs of bald eagles inhabited the entire state of Arizona.

He has since been a semi-pro and pro photographer/photojournalist beginning with 'hard film' and graduating to digital, specializing in wildlife, landscape, and aerial photography.

The move to digital began in 2003, when as a licensed pilot and aircraft owner, he started shooting commercial, aerial-photography. The digital-age had blossomed duing this time, and business clientel had discovered and demanded the rapid turn-around time digital photo services offered.

Bill's photo credits include various publications, periodicals and journals, promotional materials, brochures, newspapers, magazines, and calendars.

Bill's work is well-known in the pages of the World-circulated, photographer's premier publication, Arizona Highways Magazine. His photographs and articles have entertained audiences around the globe beginning in 1987.

The inset photo in the lower left corner of this web-site's Banner Page is, "Charlie." Charlie made his debut in the June 2003 issue of Arizona Highways - "Getting to Know Charlie."

Charlie holds a special place in Bill's heart - a true, real-life human/eagle encounter with a Arizona bald eagle that fueled and fired a continuing love-affair for these amazing birds that continues to this day.

Bill is currently semi-retired after wearing 'Many Hats' in life. He now lives and photographs in the Inland Pacific Northwest - the photographer's paradise state of Montana ... and, occassionally sneaks off elsewhere into the Northern Rockies.

Bill holds the stong belief in ethical wildlife photography practises - his wildlife photography takes place in natural habitats; nothing captive, no zoos, nothing baited.

While not endorsing any specific brand of camera gear, the shooting arsenal is comprised of 100% Nikon digital equipment.

While not a fan of lens filters nor computer generated Post Photography enhancing software, there may be minor cropping of some images only to enhance composition and detail.

Some images are archived 35mm Positives, and have been scanned from the original slides. They are as indicated.

When ordering smaller-sized prints, be aware of 'Aspect Ratio' in printing.

This site is a continuing work in progress. Photo oportunities are experienced daily and new images are added regularly. Visit often.

Thank you for viewing. Enjoy, and please feel free to ask a question or make a comment via the green email icon located at the lower right of the Banner Page.